The first thing I do after typing The End is to contact Leslie and team for their ARC services. Not only is the team fast and responsive, they truly leave honest reviews. It takes so much stress out of my launch planning to know I'll start the day with reviews. And as to their promo team, I've heard from multiple readers that they first discovered me from one of those posts. I think that's the best testimonial I can give to using the service!"

~Macy Blake

I have used the Gay Romance Reviews teams for both my novels, and they have done an absolutely amazing job with both! They offer wide promotion and a fantastic ARC service that has allowed me to start my journey as an author and connect me to readers. Through them I've been able to start building my readership and as a debut author, this has been absolutely invaluable. The service is well priced and easy to use. I cannot recommend the GRR review service highly enough." 

~Charlie Novak

I adore everyone in the Gay Romance Reviews team. I can always see a difference when they do promotion work for me and I basically keep them running non-stop because they're so effective. They're also sweet people that genuinely want to be helpful. I highly recommend them!" 

~AJ Sherwood

Leslie and the team have become an integral part of my publishing process. With their help, I'm able to use time I'd otherwise spend handling administrative tasks writing. Thanks, team! I don't know what I'd do without you."

~Piper Scott

The Gay Romance Reviews promo and ARC management services save me so much time as an author. When I request one of these services, I always get a prompt response, and I know I can rely on the GRR team to gather reliable reviewers and get the word out about my book. I'm always pleased with my results and never question whether or not the service is worth it."

~Silvia Violet

I started using Gay Romance Reviews for ARCs on account of they can be time intensive, and I needed to free up that time for writing. Sure, I could do it myself, but GRR sends out ARCs, follows up with ARC readers, and hands me the numbers so quickly and professionally, it's hard to imagine doing it any other way. I'd like to start using them for other services, also, and very highly recommend them."

~Jackie North

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